Equipment and products

Garda Servizi e Pulizie uses professional equipment for cleaning small and large environments, the pool deck and stairs to the floor, ensuring maximum attention to the different materials in your facility, and using the appropriate treatment for each. We have machines floor machine, for cleaning and polishing floors, brick, stone and all major materials, a pressure washer, the mariner and the robot for cleaning the inside of large and small pools, vacuum cleaners for dust and foliage, and all the tools you need to make optimum cleaning of all surfaces and for all environments. We use the best products for the 'hygiene on the market: from professional to paint the glaze, mildew treatment, and painting the walls and wood components, the capsules for the sterilization of swimming pools, and products for the polishing of windows, glass and garden items. Our staff has of the 'certificate of "Sutter" and "Pulitalia", ensuring professionalism and competence in' use of specific products for cleaning, we are continuously updated with the best training courses that cover our industry.